Personalized Weightloss & Optimum Health

From my years of experience working with individuals and groups and facilitating weekly optimum health and weight loss classes I have discovered that some people need personal support. All the knowledge you need will be provided as well as the essential emotional support you need to achieve your desired outcome. 

The initial appointment is 2-hours followed by four 1-hourly appointments scheduled 1-2 weeks apart. These personalized sessions span 6-hours and take a truly holistic, healthy and sustainable approach aimed at your specific needs and desired outcome.

You will be provided all the information you need in your personalized book as well as the resources to build on your results and integrate into your life on an ongoing basis.

In the health and fitness industry it is commonly accepted that weightloss and weight maintenance is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and activity. I agree to some extent and would add that it’s also 100% emotional and psychological. While this may not all add up arithmetically the key point is that all the best nutritional and dietary information along with a great tailored exercise program won’t do much good if you are stressed out or have a poor relationship with food, exercise … or yourself.

That’s the difference in this unique program. We create a solid psychological and emotional foundation for you to apply the information and skills you acquire. It’s results-focused and designed for you to become self-sufficient and independent so that you can live your life to the full.

£175 all included

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to discuss any aspect and to ask any questions you may have.

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