How To Lose Weight Well (NOT!) … This title would be more accurate and fitting for one of the latest TV program offerings from Channel 4. They don’t include the (NOT) of course and instead use the bold misleading title of: “How To Lose Weight Well.”

Here are some more titles that in my view would be more fitting…

“So called ‘experts’ who don’t exactly look the picture of health themselves present more made-for-TV confusion about diets and weightloss.”
OR …
“How to lose weight BADLY!”
OR …
“How to completely confuse, misguide and frustrate the program participants and viewing public even more about diets and weightloss.”
OR …
“Reality TV show with so called ‘experts’ advising people to go on ‘diets’ just to see what happens … even when they are blatantly unbalanced, unhealthy and unsustainable.”
“Don’t expect to learn much about healthy nutrition for weightloss, this is just for fun at real peoples’ expense.”
I could go on but you get my sentiment here.

I watch this type of program for research and to be honest really struggle sometimes to stay with it as I know that they are basically reality TV programs using real people to experiment with. What is the real priority and agenda? … healthy results for the participants or viewing figures for the advertisers targeting viewers with their related products and services? If I was invited on this program for expert advice I’d have to decline unless they would allow me to present what really works for the majority of people who apply proven principles. This may not make for good TV … I haven’t come across it yet and don’t expect an invitation anytime soon!

My goal is to educate people so that they can achieve and maintain the results they want, enjoy all the benefits and make empowered informed decisions and choices integrated into a healthy lifestyle.

In the aforementioned program it is like a ‘land of confusion.’ They use weight as the main measure of progress and success. Any weightloss seems to be congratulated and celebrated (even when negatively affecting health and wellbeing) including for the really unfortunate ones assigned “the cookie diet” or “fast-food diet.” They may not perceive themselves as unlucky of course but they definitely are.

I always teach that “weight is the poorest indicator for measuring weightloss progress.” Losing what exactly? … water? muscle? fat? bone density? inches? your mind!!?  As a minimum I recommend measuring inch reduction in addition to weight loss. Let me explain …

Below you will see 5 lbs of fat and muscle side by side. Underneath that you will see a 2 litre bottle of water which weighs about the same (2.268 litres would be 5lbs to be exact). I know these aren’t the prettiest pictures I’ve ever included in a post but they illustrate the dimension and area they would occupy in a human body

5 lbs fat muscle

2 litre water bottle

This picture is 2 litres approximately 5 lbs in weight.

As you can see fat and water would take up a lot more space pound for pound than muscle. Muscle by the way is what we want to protect, preserve and ideally increase while losing weight. Surely the aim is to healthily, safely, progressively, and sustainably burn off excess unwanted body fat while enhancing health and well-being … How’s that for a title? The TV program I refer to here is just another in a long line that do very little to address weightloss and weight management principles that really get results, or reduce the related health issues including diabetes, hypertension and stress.

In my classes and with clients I teach and address ALL the areas these programs seem to avoid either through ignorance or because they don’t really care about what I believe is the most important priority. Neither ignorance or apathy is okay in my book. It’s no wonder I’m often met with quizzical, confused and resisted responses when I offer result-focused principles that really work.

All human beings are unique. None of us are the same and have different needs. That is why when it comes to weightloss, I also teach about hormone function, deficiencies, intolerances, effects of stress, emotional eating in addition to optimum nutrition and best activity and exercise. The mainstream advice includes: “eat less, move more” … I say, less of what exactly and move how exactly? How about another erroneous statement: “you can get everything you need from a well-balanced diet” … I say, that’s impossible.

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”
~ HIPPOCRATES (460 – 357 BC)

There are only two ways you should feel after consuming something – no longer hungry and energized.  That’s it! Lethargy, bloating, heartburn, abdominal discomfort, constipation headaches, allergic reactions etc. is your body’s way of communicating with you that something did not agree with you.

Here is a list of feedback I’ve been given from weightloss class participants and clients over the years: This is so simple; I feel so much more energy; I sleep better; My heartburn is gone; I don’t crave sugar anymore; My moods are so good now; Apparently I no longer snore or grind my teeth; I am so much more confident and feel better about myself. This is just a sample. Bottom line is we can have a very healthy relationship with what we consume and reap all the benefits. Your amazing body positively adapts and changes when you know how to take care of it. I believe your natural state is to feel healthy and well in body and mind.

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How To Lose Weight Well (NOT!) …

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    I love to read your articles Gordon and watch the videos I have been trying to lose weight but obviously eating the wrong stuff.I thought fruit was good for you but I will have to rethink Thank you

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