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If you feel you have tried everything to relieve your emotional pain and nothing is working for you there is a proven non-invasive method I offer that gets results.

Have your doubts ? I completely understand because many of my clients did too. After my FREE 30 min Skype or phone sessions all doubts were erased.

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  • So glad I made an appointment …

    I had been a believer in Faster EFT having turned a major corner in dealing with insomnia years ago. After making a major life change and moving to a new country, I felt the need to revisit what I had learned as my sleep had once again started to suffer. I found Gordon and made an appointment. I'm so glad I did! I appreciated his delicate blend of professionalism and yet personablility. He immediately put me at ease. I also appreciated not only his ‘treatment’ of my problem, but also that he took the time to educate me as well. I would definitely recommend Gordon to anyone who wants to improve his or her life.

  • From depression and worry to a happy Mum …

    Before I met you, I was crying almost every night. I was depressed and I didn't want to be here. I thought everyone was against me and I didn't think I was good enough for my son and hated myself for being sad and angry all the time. I would drink to try to make me feel better but it only made things worse. Then I decided I needed help. After just speaking to you on the phone I knew you would help and after my first appointment that I was a little apprehensive about going to, I walked away more positive about life and you taught me things to help me every day so I don't go back to the dark place that I was in. It was so strange how after only one session I felt like I could be happy and be a good mum to my son. You helped me realize that the things I was worried about couldn't hurt me and I didn't need to stress over it anymore. Meeting you really changed my life. I'm now a better mother and happy with myself and everyone can see the difference in me. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Life changing for me and my Dad …

    I completed a six-week personal development course run by Gordon recently and I was really inspired by his positivity and life changing techniques. I thought it would be a good idea to let him meet my Dad who has been suffering badly with depression, anxiety and insomnia for the past 8 years through tragic and traumatic events in his life. I was really worried that he would not co-operate or engage with Gordon in any way whatsoever as he has been to see so many doctors, counsellor etc. and every one gave up on him. During his session with Gordon, he engaged with him fully and conversed with him with ease. Afterwards my Dad said he really enjoyed their discussions and was looking forward to seeing him again. Gordon told me he will have a good sleep tonight and lo and behold he was sleeping like a baby all night and the next day he was much more alert and responsive. I really am very pleased and happy with what has been achieved. Thanks very much Gordon for your help.

    Iris Potter