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I have been very pleasantly surprised by how calm I am and all my usual anger triggers just don't bother me now. I can't thank you enough for helping me and giving me the tools to empower my life. I'm feeling positive and I really feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I feel like I'm on a new journey and enjoying the ride! Thank you.

P. McG.


Gordon previously assisted me successfully lose weight. So it was only natural for me to consult him again when I developed a fear of flying. This started about a year ago and since then it’s gotten as bad as influencing where to go on holiday. Even worse, with my job where I have to fly frequently I thought of giving it up, all to avoid flying. I had two sessions with Gordon where we discussed my problem and worries about the future. I have since gotten over the fear and had several fear-free and stress-free flights and even booked a holiday using a plane even when there were convenient alternatives available. Thank you Gordon.

M. J.


After 4 weeks of severe pain, sleepless nights, up to 16 painkillers a day, plus visits to the doctor and physiotherapist, I heard about Gordon and arranged an appointment. After just one hour the pain was gone completely!! I also learned skills and techniques he taught me to deal with any recurrence. The pain did come back slightly but nowhere near the same level and I rarely needed a painkiller except to help me sleep. After a second appointment, all the pain is gone for good and with it, all my worry and frustration. Thank you again Gordon!

A. S.


I am 30 years old and have a young family and very busy life. I've suffered from asthma since a child, nearly dying at age 5. I've tried everything and used inhalers my entire life. It has restricted and limited me all my life. After just one session with Gordon my inhalers are no longer required, I am free of all my asthma symptoms and able to deal with the stress that surrounded my condition. I feel great and now have invaluable life skills I can use to improve my health and my life. Thank you Gordon.

B. S.

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