Life Enhancement Coaching

There are two aspects to living life to the full. The first is to release anything that hinders you, and the second is to identify and optimize what is important to you. This is the dual focus at this session to measurably achieve your desired outcome.

Acquire knowledge, skills, techniques and resources to optimize the quality of your health, well-being, relationships and life experience:

Measurably progress toward what you want in your life.
Elevate your physical and emotional health.
Release feelings of stress, panic, anxiety and create relaxation and ease.
Reduce, manage, and even eliminate physical aches and pains.
Release emotional trauma.
Release feelings of grief and loss.
Enhance all your relationships.
Amplify self-confidence and self-esteem.
Live the best life possible through Emotional Intelligence.

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Get in touch today to arrange your FREE 15-minute phone or Zoom consultation:  
Here we will discuss your priority questions and needs and options best suited for you.

Please feel comfortable and relaxed about arranging this free appointment knowing there is absolutely no obligation to use any of my services unless you feel confident I can assist you.


An initial 2-hour session is required. Prior to your session we will have a phone/Zoom chat. This allows me to get a clear understanding of your priority needs and answer any questions you my have.  I’ll email you a  confidential questionnaire to complete and return. This serves to make the very most of your session. Following your session, you will receive an email with resources to support you going forward.
£100 all included

You have the option of choosing a single 1-hour, or a discounted block of 3 appointments.
£50 – 1 hour
£120 for discounted block of 3

PLEASE NOTE: If you opt to process your payment via the website checkout, Gordon will contact you directly to arrange a day and time at your convenience. This can be in-person or via Zoom.

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