Workshops and Seminars  

If you are part of a group or organization committed to optimizing your physical and mental health, relationships, and areas of life important to you, these workshops and seminars are for you. Packed with topics and content you can use right away to create measurable improvements. These can be tailored to your specific needs and areas of interest. Just get in touch to get all your questions answered.

Example Topics Include:

~ How to out-smart stress 
~ Elevate your life with emotional intelligence
~ Naturally boost your health and vitality
~ Harmonious relationships 
~ Meditation benefits and practise
~ Amplify your confidence and self-esteem

… and any other topics specific to your needs

All are based on a minimum of 2-hours. Half-day and full-day support can  be arranged if you have a larger organisation and multiple sessions are required.

Get in touch to arrange a 30-minute phone or Zoom chat. We will discuss your needs, and you can get all your questions answered.

“My wife and I attended Gordon’s ‘Optimum Health and Well-Being Workshop’ held in Greenock on 27th June 2017. The amount of information that Gordon crammed into the two-hour seminar was incredible! It gave a fascinating and highly informative overview of several fields of study aimed at improving your life. Information on any one of the subjects would be valuable but to get a thorough introduction to at least 8 different topics was much more than I expected prior to attending. Gordon’s enthusiasm and expertise shone through from start to finish. I would thoroughly recommend that anyone with an interest in self-development or their own personal health and well-being attend one of Gordon’s classes or courses.” ~ Willie Wilson

“Thank YOU Gordon another fantastic event which was very much appreciated by me and my family. They were so impressed as I knew they would be. Your warm, welcoming friendly nature puts people instantly at ease. Keep up the great work.” ~ Lorraine Thomson

“I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s seminar. As you know, I have attended some of your classes in the past and it was great to be reminded how powerful our mind is, not only in creating dis-ease but also how we can, with the right tools, create the life we deserve. Thanks again.” ~ Irene Macpherson

Get in touch today to discuss how I may best serve you.