Based in Inverclyde Scotland, Gordon Anderson provides personal and group coaching worldwide.
His broad range of methods achieve measurable results for:
  • Releasing stress, anxiety and other emotions that negatively affect you.
  • Elevating your physical and mental health, confidence, and relationships.
Gordon’s broad experience working with many people has taught him you want results.
He knows you already have the internal resources you need.
All you need is guidance and support to focus them in a way to make the most of your life experience.
He will not only assist and support you do this; he will show you how to do it on your own.
You receive methods, clarity and the resources you need to create the life you desire.
Contact Gordon today for a free 15-minute exploratory and confidential chat. This can be by phone or Zoom as you prefer.
Discuss what you need, and get all your questions answered on the call.