• Having taken part in Gordon’s 25 day De stress Your Life email Challange.I found that I looked forward to reading the emails,enjoying them at my coffee break then re reading them when I got home . The contents of these emails are like a gift of strategies to people to enable them to deal with the stresses and strains of the 21st century. It has absolutely improved my life and to my joy I discovered that I love to meditate! ..its a work in progress of course …but who knew !!!Also striving to live my best life with purposeful intent! Gordon has a natural ability to reach out to the reader and is a great teacher..Highly recommended and I kept a journal so that I could refer.

    A. Macardle
  • I’ve recently completed Gordon’s 25-Day De-stress Your Life Challenge its definitely a 5* course. Every day when you open your email it’s as though Gordon is actually sitting in the room chatting with you. I met Gordon years ago and he taught me some of these fab techniques and so good to be reminded of them . I’ve realised that if u actually practice what we are taught then your life will change for the better for sure. I’m very grateful for all the knowledge you have given me Gordon . Stay safe and healthy and carry on your good works.

    E. Wilson
  • We all have those “stressful / tough times” I certainly have and always want positive ways to help with those. Gordon’s 25 de-stress your life challenge has gave me many skills and different ways of thinking to combat these. Yes it is a group challenge but it feels really personalised and one to one. These skills you will take with you… They will last a life time and improve your life. Thank you Gordon. I would definitely recommend this challenge as it does work!! Many techniques within this challenge I’m taking with me in my next chapter of my life for sure.

    N. Hana
  • I’ve just completed Gordon’s 25-Day De-stress Your Life Challenge and wow definately 5* he’s worked hard on the content and format of the course I can’t recommend it highly enough so if you want to raise awareness of your stress levels thoughts moods etc he will teach you the tips techniques and practical tools for everyday use to help de stress your life he delivers it in an easy to understand way, he’s friendly helpful and very knowledgeable. You will not be disappointed give it a go Thank YOU Gordon.

    H. Lynch
  • I finished Gordon’s 25-day De-stress Your Life Challenge, and it was amazing. So many aha moments along the way and extremely valuable tips to keep my life in a state of balance. His unique style to guide his students through the course is so gentle, it’s like being in the hands of a loving parent that is invested in my health and well-being. Can’t recommend enough!

    I. Morales
  • I’ve just recently completed the 25 day email challenge with Gordon the guru! this was such an amazing and rewarding challenge packed with value and life changing knowledge and practices. I’m sooooo glad I took part and would reccomend anybody and everybody to give it a go and just see and feel the benefits that come from it. im not a big reader myself and I found all the emails really fun to read and easy to take in. it was perfect timing for me to take this challenge on, I have never been more ready to de-stress and overall just be happy. this has been an absolute gift for me and i am buzzing to take all ive learned with me wherever I go. hope this challenge reaches people everywhere and benefits as many people as possible, Gordon’s work is second to none and this email challenge is potentially life changing, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU, peace and namaste.

    S. Rogers