• Flying fear gone …

    Before my appointment with Gordon I had a fear to flying which started to change my life causing anxiety. After my appointment I felt like a new person without this fear and on my next flight a few days later I could not locate my fear and had the best flight I have had in years.

  • From dread to confidence …

    Before seeing Gordon I dreaded a lot of things including tests, exams and meeting new people but after meeting him it gave me the confidence that I needed and the skills to keep myself calm and collected. This then helped me to pass my driving test. I would highly recommend Gordon as he gives you skills that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

  • Fear-free and stress-free flying

    Gordon previously assisted me successfully lose weight. So it was only natural for me to consult him again when I developed a fear of flying. This started about a year ago and since then it’s gotten as bad as influencing where to go on holiday. Even worse, with my job where I have to fly frequently I thought of giving it up, all to avoid flying. Using Faster EFT I have gotten over the fear. Since my session, I’ve had several fear-free and stress-free flights and even booked a holiday using a plane even when there were convenient alternatives available. Thank you Gordon.