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Next 6-week block : Wednesdays from 13th June-18th July 2018 
6.30 – 8.30 PM

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Pre-paid 6-week block: £60

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Broomhill Gardens and Community Hub
46 Mearns Street Greenock, PA15 4QD

Class participant comments:  

Fabulous class and I really look forward to it every week! Highly recommended” ~ Joselin McGhee 

I would highly recommend this class.  You will learn so many tools to change your life.  Gordon has given me methods to use to control my fibromyalgia and solved my insomnia problem.  It sounds hard to believe but he will change your life. You will learn many skills to improve your life and how to change your mood with simple tools.  Believe me, you won’t be disappointed. ~ Angela Hair

Gordon is the most positive person I have ever met. I have never felt so empowered and in control of my own happiness.  Thank you Gordon. Margaret Duncan

Great wee class, positivity oozing out every pore very contagious, what can I say, friendly, non-judgemental, motivational, relaxing, empowering ,enlightening, knowledgeable. You come out feeling as if a heavy weight has been lifted. Would definitely recommend. Yvonne Lever

Gordon is an inspirational speaker and I would rate each class as a 10 …  I will utilise the knowledge and skills I have learned in my professional and personal life. I liked the way Gordon encouraged us to contact him anytime if we had any concerns while he was providing the class. If you want to make a difference in your life this is for you.  You will so love it I promise. Sharon Logan

Are you ready to ELEVATE your health, wellbeing, relationships & prosperity? 

What to expect:
Profound, impactful life lessons to support and elevate your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Facilitated by Gordon Anderson taking a holistic approach  and drawing upon many years of knowledge, wisdom and experience, you will discover, learn, and take away  proven information, skills, techniques and resources you can use to progressively enhance and optimize your life. Bold claim? Yes, I know … but when you attend and use what you learn … I guarantee it! In a fantastic venue at Broomhill Gardens and Community Hub come and enjoy a safe, welcoming  environment and positive experience each week.

Have you ever been asked, “How’s life treating you?” A better question would be “how is the life you’ve been creating working for you?” Are you physically, mentally and emotionally robust? Do you have skills and ability to remain calm, relaxed, and resourceful in the face of life’s certain and often unexpected challenges and problems? Are you excited, eager, inspired, motivated … turned on about life?! YOUR life?

Is life great and you want to make it even better? 

I haven’t met anyone yet who prefers to feel ‘bad’ rather than ‘good’ … have you? AND … I’ve also discovered that many people do feel bad a lot of the time! How come? … Just ask yourself, what percentage of your day, week, month, life do you feel good? Authentically good? … Are your feelings determined by your external circumstances like the weather, your boss, your pet, your height, weight, lover, bank balance or whatever? Is how you feel conditional?

Why are these questions important? How we feel as human beings is directly related to the quality of our health, energy, vitality, prosperity, well-being, relationships, inspiration, motivation and zest for life. Do you wake up in the morning tuned in, tapped in, and turned on to live another wonderful day? … or are you feeling uninspired, depressed, stressed, lonely … or do you feel life has ‘passed you by’?

Life doesn’t ‘treat’ us … we are the creators of our own life experience! Here’s another question … Rating your life overall on a scale from 1-10, with ’10’ meaning you wouldn’t change a thing … what’s your number? If you chose a ‘7’ … you know what makes up the 7 (or whatever number you chose) AND what needs to come into your experience to elevate it to the lofty levels of 9 or 10 (your natural level).

The major areas in life are health, relationships, career/work life, prosperity, wellbeing and life purpose. Now score each of those. You could rate your health a ‘5’ and your relationships a ‘3’ … so we would focus there and take each separate aspect up to your optimum level.

‘Optimum’ means the very best YOU can be.

These classes take a truly holistic approach to assist you live your life to the FULL! Attendees acquire empowering information, tools, skills, resources and support to measurably grow and optimize life in the areas valued most. So, what do you value? What would you alter, improve, amplify, elevate and optimize?

There is always room for improvement and growth in life and you can make a fresh start anytime you want. We never get it done and we are either static, growing, or fading. It’s a choice, and living a great life takes intention, focus, persistence, commitment, energy and life skills. … Like anything worthwhile it takes an investment of time and effort … but when we acquire the skills and resources and develop habits and daily rituals that empower and support our life experience … it becomes effortless, like tying shoe laces,  walking, or driving a car.

“… I just completed Gordon’s Personal Development Course this week and it’s not possible to capture the experience in words – you have to BE THERE. It’s the best thing I have done for myself in years. My time with Gordon and my fellow students-in-life was the loveliest wee gift to ME that money could never buy. He is such an extremely lovely, genuine, knowledgeable, travelled, experienced and calming guy and I would recommend him to everyone. Enrol in a class or grab an initial chat with him – get this man in your life. My graduate certificate from Gordon is up on my kitchen wall so that I see it every morning – he’s helped me find perspective and gain some control over my noisy mind! The resources he’s revealed to me have made a huge impact regarding my self-confidence, over-thinking and managing everyday stressful situations. I’m also sleeping a lot better which feels amazing!”  
~ Joe McAnally (November 2017)

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07791 754272 |   

Pre-paid 6-week block: £60

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