Do You Suffer From Regular Or Chronic Physical Pain ?

If you are frustrated with methods and approaches that are not working for you and feel like you have exhausted all options …

I know how you feel and most of my clients initially felt the same way. What they discovered is there is an alternative pain relief method which I specialise in with proven track results.

Have your doubts ? I completely understand because many of my clients did too. After my FREE 30 min Skype or phone sessions all doubts were erased.

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Proven Track Results

  • Two years of pain gone in less than 2 hours …

    For the past two years I have been unable to play pickleball on a consistent basis due to a shoulder problem that can be quite painful. I have seen a medical doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, and a chiropractor and had two cortisone shots. All of this without avail. I met with Gordon Anderson on two occasions totaling one and a half hours and I am now back to playing pickleball four days a week pain free. Thank you Gordon!

    Allan E. Mattacott (Canada) ~ August 2017
  • Headaches gone. I feel great …

    Before appointment: “OK! … the time has come for me to tackle these headaches I've been getting for as long as I can remember. For years I've been popping pills and having now gone 'cold turkey' for 7 days they are as bad as ever. Gordon and Faster EFT... can you help?” After appointment: “Hi Gordon ... I feel great! Headaches have been non-existent since our session! You're a miracle worker!

  • Severe knee pain gone completely …

    I went to see Gordon about a severe knee pain I had for about 6 weeks. I was wearing knee support on a daily basis. The pain was affecting my sleep and I was feeling tired during the day too. I had an important charity cycle event in Italy looming and it was hitting home that the pain might be a problem, and I may not be able to complete it and possibly do more damage. After just one session, the pain went completely. I completed the 6 day, 450 mile event pain-free! My longest day covered 110 miles in a single day. I’m also back to running regularly. Thanks again Gordon.

  • More energy and less fibromyalgia pain …

    I went to see Gordon about my fibromyalgia pain and past emotional issues and experiences. After our FasterEFT session my pain has been next to nothing except when I sometimes over-exert myself. I then tap as Gordon showed me and the pain diminishes. On a scale out of 10, my pain gets to about a 1 or 2, whereas before it would regularly reach 10 on my worst days. I also have a lot more energy now and past memories and experiences that really affected me and upset me no longer bother me. I feel better about myself in general and now use tapping as an everyday tool, re-affirming my wellness and self-esteem. Thank you Gordon!