Incurable… or IN-CURE-ABLE? … Using the power of belief as nature intended …

Whatever you believe either serves your health and well-being  in an empowering positive way or not. A belief is a feeling of certainty about something. It has also been described as a thought you keep thinking. You do not have to be able to see and hold something or have tangible physical evidence to believe in it. Gravity, electricity, energy, spirit, angels, God, or the belief everything will be okay? How about a cut on your finger healing all by itself, or no matter what you do you will never amount to anything, and will never lose weight? You see the importance of belief and how yours can affect your life experience… positively or negatively.


I always recommend and encourage to choose beliefs that support and serve you, and release and let go the rest that do not. We often accept and inherit beliefs from parents, school, religion, media and our own life experiences. Many would agree that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, even though this is not true! It just appears to be true relative to standing and observing the sun from planet earth at dawn and dusk. How about the world being round or spherical? You will not convince members of The Flat Earth Society even with pictures from outer space! (You read that right … there is such a group even today). So you see, you can verify some and choose the rest. I repeat, you CHOOSE beliefs that support and serve you, or not. You can elevate your wellness and well-being, and I believe extend your life by consistently choosing empowering ones.

The placebo effect is the belief in relief,  recovery, and healing either through a sugar pill believed to be medicine, or a physical procedure like a knee surgery which is not actually performed. That is the power of the mind and belief to heal the body. It is well known. The fact it has been effective even once let alone many times, should encourage and divert interest in accessing this inner power. To some the placebo effect is considered miraculous, others an anomaly, and to the pharmaceutical industry inconvenient and unprofitable. Recent reports I’ve read show the placebo in trials accounts for as much as 30-50% improvement and in some cases disease symptoms completely subside.

Spontaneous remission? Here’s a dictionary definition: Spontaneous remission, also called spontaneous healing or spontaneous regression, is an unexpected improvement or cure from a disease that appears to be progressing in its severity.”

The best example of this I am aware of is Lester Levinson, creator of The Sedona Method. He was assessed as terminally ill at age 42 and advised by his medical doctors to go home and spend his remaining time with his family because in their view nothing more could be done from their approach. What he had was considered “INCURABLE”.  Lester did go home and believed there must be something he could do. He was right and it gave him another 42 years of life. He, like many others before and since believed in the inner power of the body to heal. “IN-CURE-ABLE”. Not much difference in spelling but a major difference in wellness, well-being and in his case longevity.

In 1954 Roger Bannister did something considered humanly impossible for hundreds of years. He ran a mile in less than 4 minutes. He not only trained and prepared physically but also mentally. He believed he would do it, and he did with less than a second to spare. He did something else which I believe was much more significant. He gave everyone the belief it was possible for them and since then many have done it year on year. As of this writing the current mile fastest time is almost 17 seconds less at 3 minutes 43.13 seconds.

I believe we all have the innate power and resources to optimize our wellness and wellbeing. Hippocrates born 460 BC was considered the “Father of Medicine”. He has many quotes to his credit including:  “natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” and  “healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” The Hippocratic Oath which includes “do no harm” is named after him.

In my work today, I strongly hold the belief that part of the natural design is to be well and thrive. The mind is the body and the body is the mind and when you have resources methods and techniques to utilize the power of both you can experience optimum wellness and wellbeing. Of course medicine, science and technology have their place but they are not the be all and end all and except for life threatening emergency situations should be considered an option rather than first port of call.

If we believe and trust in our internal resources to thrive, recover and heal, we allow the process rather than resist or impede it. There are many powerful non-invasive choices available to support the body and mind. I not only offer them but use them myself with remarkable and lasting effect. These include all elements of the holistic approach such as positive affirmations, breathing techniques and meditation, tapping on the acupressure meridian points, optimum nutrition and moderate exercise.

Here is a short video by me just to convey my own beliefs. I hope you enjoy it …

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Incurable… or IN-CURE-ABLE?