What does holistic health mean to you? The link below will take you to a radio interview where I talk about all aspects and offer some recommendations and suggestions  … 

This interview has been described as “mesmerizing” and as you will hear, in some cases the facts are hard for the interviewer to believe. Not just for him. Beliefs are sometimes so conditioned and embedded we have trouble accepting an alternative viewpoint even if it is right in front of us. There is still a Flat Earth Society!

Listed below are selected minute markers and the points on specific areas so you can fast forward to your area of interest if you prefer.

Listen carefully to what the interviewer asks at 10:38 …  and his response at 12.45 …

00:30 – What does holistic mean anyway?

02:55 – The major differences with conventional approaches.

06:10 – The real reason we do what we do.

07:10 – One of the most powerful modalities for optimum health.

08:40 – What ‘stress’ really is.

10:38 – Client testimonial – asthma and inhalers completely gone.

18:30  Medical treatment is just one (and the newest) of your alternatives.

20:20 – The placebo and nocebo effect explained and the power of affirmations.

22:15 Achieve and maintain your ideal weight by changing your mind.

27:05  Powerful practical tip to relieve stress.

31:10 You and all human beings have this amazing gift.

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What Does Holistic Health Mean to YOU? …