You can competently drive. You have taken lessons and your instructor has prepared you test ready. He or she confirms your readiness and to apply for the test date. They want you to pass, you want to pass, the examiner wants you to pass, and everyone near and dear is rooting for you … BUT, come test day … “It” or “they” kick in! You can no longer control your feelings let alone the car for the duration of your test.

Creating feelings and sensations we call, ‘nerves’ ‘stress’ ‘anxiety’ ‘panic’ ‘fear’ ‘phobia’ and so on is a skill! There is a certain way to successfully produce these unwanted feelings that often result in experiences and unwanted outcomes. In the case of driving a car, cold sweats, gripping the wheel like a vice and seemingly ‘forgetting’ everything you were taught. Not only can all this result in a ‘fail’ but you may suffer on the build up, during and after the test … confidence shattered!

I teach a method to create any resourceful feeling you want when you need it.

A personal story When I started learning to drive I was 17 years old. I remember I wanted to be able to drive so much! There was a ‘problem.’ I was a ‘nervous wreck’! Soon after I engaged gear and moved the car, I would break into a cold sweat, almost dazzle myself with my white knuckles by gripping the wheel so tightly, turn the wheel when I didn’t want or need to as I changed gear or reached for the indicator … AND maybe worst of all I would say to myself, “I will never be able to do this!“… Sound familiar? …

I did take lessons and also asked my Dad if I could put the ‘L’ plates on his car and drive every time he was going out somewhere. The driving practice eventually eased my self-imposed, yet unintentional physical and emotional ‘stress.’ After lots of practice every chance I got I felt I felt ready for my driving test and did manage to pass. I later learned I wasn’t the only one who ‘suffers’ along the process. My Dad was doing all he could but had no healthy or empowering solutions for his nerves or mine … The best he could offer was  “you can drive, just be confident.”

Old joke – Lady says to her doctor … “when these bandages come off my hands will I be able to play the piano?” The doctor says, “Yes, I don’t see why not” … She says, “that’s fantastic! I wasn’t able to play it before.” If you haven’t learned to play the piano, hula dance, juggle, or drive a car … you probably can’t do it very well, if at all. It takes desire, time, commitment, perseverance and practice to learn and master anything new. The more complex it is, the longer it can take.

The 4 Levels of Mastery:
1. Unconscious Incompetent – You don’t even know that you don’t know! (Complete ignorance).
2. Conscious Incompetent – You now know that you don’t know.
3. Conscious Competent –  You can consciously do it by thinking and putting your mind to it.
4. Unconscious Competent – You don’t even have to think about it. You just do it. (Mastery).

Do you remember when you couldn’t tie your shoe laces, swim, ride a bike, or drive a car? Maybe you still can’t. If this is because you have no interest or desire, that’s one thing. However, if it’s because of fear of failure, stress, anxiety, panic or you just think you can’t do it, we move into another area altogether…

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re absolutely right.” ~ Henry Ford

I wish I knew back then when I was learning to drive what I know now! It’s all an internally created process within ourselves. Like a program that just runs automatically and without our conscious intent. We successfully produce stress, anxiety, panic, fear and so on.

The good news … with skills and knowledge of how our mind works and simple practical ways to change it we can create confidence, empowerment and internal peace at will and in any situation.

My skills and work as a Faster EFT Practitioner involves facilitating empowering changes within the mind and body of my clients so they can produce the results they want when they need them e.g. confidence, creativity, calmness and resourcefulness in all situations. This is a different type of masteryEmotional Mastery. I also teach the skills required so they can access and use them any time the need arises.

So calm…
“Hi Gordon, just wanted to say a HUGE thank you!! I was so calm and I PASSED!!! Thank you so much.”
~ N.D.
Passed first time …
“Thanks so much Gordon! I used my de-stress techniques to good use before my driving test and I passed first time!!” ~ A.L.
No more panic and I feel great …
“ … I now don’t have the panic and feeling of dread I used to have. I can in fact laugh at myself for holding onto those feelings for so long which is something I never thought would have been possible! I would highly recommend to anyone. It has worked wonders for me!!! Thank you Gordon” ~ L.S.

I leave driving instruction and test preparation to the qualified experts. Preparation and readiness to pass involves both physical and emotional competence. The instructor has prepared the student in all areas as best he/she can for the desired and coveted pass. Occasionally, the ‘nerves’ take over and even the best practiced and prepared driving student can be overcome by anxiety and ‘nerves.’ Remember there is no ‘failure’ just results. We would usually prefer to get the result we want sooner rather than later and without the emotional stress.

If you have any questions on how to create and maintain empowering emotional and resourceful states for any situation, including passing your driving test, interviews, flying, and public speaking please see below for contact details.

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Mastering Driving Test ‘Nerves’

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