“You are not broken.”
I make a point of saying this when I speak with my clients and audiences. I will add, “… and everything you produce is a success … good and bad.” This is often initially met with some surprise and even annoyance because the belief system that brought us together is an important aspect that would suggest just the opposite! It turns out we like to affirm and defend our beliefs even when they do not serve us and there is no tangible supporting evidence.

When someone is in physical and/or emotional pain they have references, experiences, a ‘story’ and belief system that supports it. This might include when it started or happened, blaming themselves or someone else, family history, and ideas and projections of what it means in future.

Don’t believe everything you think or believe! I will also ask, “how do you know you have this ‘problem’?” Then I will discover what they see, what they feel physically and emotionally, what they hear and say to themselves and all the other ways to experience and feel what they feel. I elicit how they know and how they do it. Then comes the big question, “is it okay to change it or get rid of it?” If the answer is “yes!” …

… GREAT NEWS! We can change a belief and all the resources including associated memories that support the ‘problem’ and when we change the ones that do not serve in a positive way, the associated physical and emotional pain can often (and usually does) fade away. As a Faster EFT Practitioner, my objective is to change negatives to something that feels good, resourceful and empowering.

I believe that human beings have the in-built ability to heal … physically and emotionally. I see it time and again in my work and have experienced it myself. When we cut our finger we expect it to heal don’t we? Sometimes a big enough cut may require stitches, but as long as we keep it clean and protected long enough … new skin grows. It heals. Our amazing body does it’s job. So what is the difference between a cut finger and something considered more serious?

I don’t believe that part of the natural design and human evolution this far into our existence is for us to be dependent solely on medical treatment and medicine. Yes, it does of course have it’s place but is not the only game in town. In fact, medical treatment with the use of synthetic medicine is an alternative … and the newest game in town becoming mainstream about 100 years ago following the publication of the Flexner Report.

A big part of my mission and objective is to educate, inform and empower people. Part of this includes sharing all the other alternatives available for optimizing physical and emotional health. There are lots of them including, Chinese, Ayurvedic, Naturopathic and Herbal medicine, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Nutritional Therapy, Faster EFT … and many more natural and non-invasive approaches.

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Client Testimonial:
Free of guilt and pain …
Before I went to see Gordon for my Faster EFT appointment, I was having strong feelings of guilt and suffering from pain in my lower abdomen. After the session, the guilty feelings had lifted and I could deal with them in a much better and clearer fashion. As for the pain in my abdomen, I have been completely pain-free since. Thank you!  ~ C. McG.

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You Are Not ‘Broken’