That’s what Faster EFT has been called …  “Healing Magic” but let me tell you from personal experience that there is no magic, trickery, illusion, or smoke and mirrors!

Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformation)

 … is one of the most powerful modalities I’ve discovered, and used in 25 years for positive change in health, well-being and personal empowerment. That’s why I’m a practitioner and offer it to as many people as possible. Faster EFT is a powerful life skill anyone can learn to use including young children. In fact I recommend my clients do just that… teach it to those near and dear including their kids.

I am constantly astonished by the transformational results I observe working with people. The changes are real and measurable. Some ‘problems’ that have been around for years, even decades disappear completely, fade away or leave a ‘neutral’ peaceful result.

Using Faster EFT with Gordon turned my life around! It worked for me on so many levels. I am now pain-free and accepting perfect health. I now enjoy my positive feelings and just tap away any negatives as they come up. My self-esteem is blossoming and I am loving life again. Things that used to phase and panic me do not have that power now. I’m off all my medication and proud to declare that. Thank you Gordon with a huge smile on it. ~ J.G.

Here are a few more Testimonials from people I’ve worked with.

The process involves letting go and releasing pain … both physical and emotional. Amazingly I’ve found it can even be fun and entertaining for people. I’ve observed clients laughing at their so called ‘problems’ at the end of a session. Some have been with them many years and even decades! We use the same protocol that works every time. People don’t have to believe in it for it to work. It is logical, measurable and absolute genius by it’s creator, Robert G. Smith.

It’s so effective, it works in person, in groups and I have worked with people remotely via Skype.  As of this writing there are only about 60 practitioners available in Europe listed on the official website. To arrange a complimentary 30 minute phone/Skype consultation to explore how it can work for you just get in touch.

 Faster EFT appointments with Gordon

I know it’s new to most but quite honestly who cares what it’s called?! … or how it works, just be aware of it and know that it works. If you have any questions or feel you want to arrange a personal or group session, just get in touch and we’ll take it from there.


PS – Look at my range of services and if you would like to arrange a free 15-minute phone or Zoom exploratory chat – get in touch.

Faster EFT – “Healing Magic”