Everything we think and say is an affirmation. You may be familiar with positive affirmations and use them already. If you do, well done… keep it going! If you don’t know about them, or don’t consciously use them, know that you are using them. Here’s the most important thing to know … Your body is responding to everything you think and say, either internally to yourself or audibly out loud. You have the power and get to choose positive or negative, and whatever you think and say can affect your health … need I say, positively or negatively.

So, the fact that we are constantly using affirmations that can positively or negatively affect us is very useful to know. Using positive affirmations consciously and deliberately with awareness boosts our health, wellness and well-being. Below are a few examples and you can find lots of them with an internet search or from books. Here’s a link to a book I highly recommend by Louise Hay:  “I Can Do It
… and it comes with a great CD you can listen to in your car or audio device. It’s full of positive affirmations covering every area of life.

     TOP TIP: Say or think your affirmation in the present tense and with feeling and emotion

Here are a few negative ones “I hate this job” ; “You make me sick” “Relationships always result in pain for me.” ; “It doesn’t matter what I do I can never lose weight”  … You get the idea. When someone thinks or says examples like these, how do you think they feel inside? That’s right, lousy, dis-empowered, uninspired, hopeless, depressed, stressed … etc.  It turns out we are all very capable at creating negative feelings and emotions for ourselves.

I invite you to start today!

Here’s a short video I hope inspires you to use them. You have the power. You are in charge. You have control. By using positive affirmations daily you will live a healthier, happier life. Take it from me. I used to be so negative … and looking back was a real “stinking thinker” 🙂 When I committed to implementing positive affirmations, my life and health became so much better. Pass this on to those near and dear to you especially the children in your life. Like many other things in life that are worthwhile, it takes some effort and practice in the beginning, but when we make it a conscious habit and enjoy the benefits, we choose to do it as part of our healthy lifestyle.

Until next time, Live Well and Be Well. 

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Use Positive Affirmations and Elevate Your Life