Whether you believe in it or not, the Law of Attraction is always in effect and a factor in your health and wellbeing. It is an invisible force like gravity, electricity and love. It’s not a ‘secret’ and all you have to do is ALLOW it to work for you. If you jump from a plane without a parachute, you will hit the ground whether you believe in gravity or not. As you read this, the Earth’s gravitational pull is keeping you connected to the ground on this planet.

If you were to hold on to a live electrical wire you would feel a powerful invisible energy surge through you. Flick the wall switch and the room illuminates with light using electrical energy. You don’t have to understand it or analyse it, just utilise it and benefit from it. As for love, if you’ve felt it, you know it has quite an impact and flows in and through you just like these other invisible forces.

With the Law of Attraction you attract to you whatever you consistently, believe, affirm, think about and pay attention to … wanted or not. This is why it is so important to be clear about, and affirm what you WANT… a healthy body.

If you are constantly affirming your good health and well-being, your body is positively responding. Your cells have intelligence and vibrate and adapt according to their environment. Your environment is affected by everything you put in your body and neglect to put in. It also includes everything you think and believe. Your body is made up of about 50 trillion cells which are constantly renewing themselves. 98% of your body a year ago was different at the cellular level. You are about 99% formless (non-physical) and less than 1% form (physical).

The non-physical part of you is not just nothingness and empty space. It is vibrational like your physical cells, and reponds to your thoughts and beliefs. If these are positive, your cells and physical body are at ease and thrive.  If they are negative this can  affect your biology and physiology and create internal ‘dis-ease’. There are many names to describe the non-physical bigger part of you.

The Chinese call it ‘Chi’, the Japanese ‘Ki’, East Indians ‘Prana’, Hawaiians call in ‘Mana’ and Albert Einstein called it ENERGY. If you have ever seen iron filings sprinkled over a bar magnet you will see a uniform field of energy become visible around it. A tornado has incredible power, enough to lift buildings from their foundations, vehicles are pulled effortlessly into the air along with anything else in it’s path. Yet, without the swirling dust and debris to show it’s shape, size and power, it would be invisible to the eye and you could walk right into it.

If you have ever thought about, or been confronted with something you fear you know your heart beats faster and adrenaline is released and into the ‘fight or flight’ response you go. Your thoughts alone are a way to stimulate the same internal response. Why? Because your mind cannot differentiate between something imagined and something right in front of you like a lion, snake, spider or whatever it may be that you fear.

You have choice and control over:
What you put in your body affecting your biochemistry.
How you use your physiology and breathing.
What you believe, think about and focus on with your mind.
The key is to live your life consciously and with awareness about how you feel … creating optimum health and well-being.


There is no accident that you are reading this. YOU have attracted it! 😉

Click here for a short audio recording of a question I asked Abraham Hicks from the ‘hot seat’ in 2017. The answer will not only astound and amaze you, it will provide you with the most important and simple focus to maximize your wellbeing. Enjoy ‘Castles and Buttons’ and get in touch if you have any questions or comments on this.

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